Our Impact

We believe the greatest gift in life is to serve others.

Aiding someone else in need with the skills you possess is not only a calling, but a way of life.

At ShareBuilt, we are proud to have touched the lives of so many through our construction industry experience and our ability to connect people through their shared interest in supporting those around them. We are humbled daily by the lives that have been touched by our collective team members, partners and program beneficiaries. We hope their stories will touch you as they have touched us and inspire you to Connect. Share. Build. with us!

Current Clients

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Founding Inspiration Projects

It’s been a year since we moved into our home and what a fun year of getting used to a brand-new place. The most fun was decorating for Christmas, especially the front porch!

The space for the changing table saves my back every day! I also now roll Anna in the shower chair and place it over the toilet. The proximity of it right by the shower has worked out perfectly with cleaning both Anna and the room.

The Harpeth House, a project in which Steve personally lead for 2 years, is located on the Harpeth River in Franklin, TN, which runs along the property of a Church committed to reaching the Next Generation. They want students to know and follow Jesus Christ together. It represents the largest home in our community, making it an extension of hospitality to all the students of Williamson County. They want to create a place where students feel at home and belong. This project was a key inspiration to founding ShareBuilt as we now know it.