Connect. Share. Build.

Connecting nonprofit design and construction needs with professionals who can help

“We found a trusted partner in ShareBuilt. They know the industry and have the expertise we did not have, not being in the construction world, but so desperately needed.”
- Associate Director, Refuge Center for Counseling

Our Vision

Shepherding Projects – Improving Lives

Our Mission

At ShareBuilt, we serve communities by helping make construction dreams a reality for individuals and non-profits in need. We do this by connecting design and construction partners willing to share their talents and resources to collaboratively accomplish projects with purpose.

Our Values

Passionately Advocating
Faithfully Serving
Shepherding Success

Shepherding Projects – Improving Lives.

ShareBuilt is a collaborative organization that connects those with charitable project needs to professional organizations in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry with the resources and abilities to meet those needs.

Through ShareBuilt We Support:

We partner with non-profit organizations in need of new, improved or expanded facilities. In doing so we are a trusted partner to provide guidance through the complexities of planning and executing projects. By helping promote projects and connecting those in need with willing professional resources, we seek to deliver projects at reduced cost.

By partnering with the AEC community we help focus their charitable time and resources by helping them identify local capital improvement projects they could best support. By more effectively matching project needs with AEC community capabilities we foster collaboration ensuring needs are more rapidly and effectively met and givers are more aware of projects they could support in their area.

A Note From Our Founder

Through a committed partnership of construction industry organizations and professionals called to serve their communities, ShareBuilt is a non-profit corporation created with a single mission to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.

We’ve brought together professional experts to assist in the design and construction of buildings and spaces for non-profit organizations lacking internal resources. We also help individuals with similar needs due to family care responsibilities.

Whether a challenging season of life, a growing ministry or a non-profit seeking design and construction support, ShareBuilt and our partners are here to connect people to professional resources, as well as give freely of our time and talents.

ShareBuilt beneficiaries include individuals, churches, schools and non-profit organizations. Project beneficiaries are encouraged to “pay it forward” in their own communities by committing their personal time and unique talents to support others, as they are gifted and able.

We invite you to join our mission to Connect. Share. Build. and make a positive impact in your community through supporting others in need or organizations committed to serving them.

The needs are great, but the resources are far greater. Together, we make a difference.

Steve Kuhn

Founder and Executive Director

Aiding others in need though the skills we possess is our collective responsibility.

Projects Completed
Families Helped
Cities Served

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