Frequently Asked Questions

About ShareBuilt

ShareBuilt is a 501©3 non-profit organization that helps connect other nonprofits with design and construction project needs to professional organizations in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry with the resources and abilities to meet those needs. We share the nonprofit’s project story and needs with our construction industry partners, known as Sharing Partners. Our goal is to attract multiple Sharing Partners from all areas of the design and construction industry to bid on the project, saving the nonprofit time and money by allowing them to choose the best fit for their needs. ShareBuilt provides this service at no cost to the nonprofit. We do not make money from the projects, as we are funded entirely by donations.

We work with nonprofit clients to help with their design and construction needs at no cost to them. To do this, we engage the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) community to help the client gain visibility on their project, gaining multiple bids across all lines of work needed on the project. Ultimately our goal is to help the nonprofit client save time and money on their project, keeping their budget dollars toward their organization’s cause or mission. To view some of our projects visit:

ShareBuilt was established in 2022 by a dedicated group of Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry professionals who felt called to serve their comminutes and leverage their collective industry experience. ShareBuilt is run by Founder & Executive Director Steve Kuhn and an exceptional board of experienced industry executives. To meet our board, visit us at

ShareBuilt was founded on Christian principles. This is not a requirement for our Sharing Partners or client project in order to participate in the work of ShareBuilt.

Currently, ShareBuilt operates in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and Alabama.

How to Work With ShareBuilt

We are looking to help other nonprofits with design and construction needs. The earlier it is in your project-planning phase, the better! If you’d like to become a ShareBuilt client and receive help with your project, please start by filling out this online application at One of our staff members will then contact you to set up an exploratory phone call.

To become a client of ShareBuilt, nonprofits will be asked to provide required information about the project: its purpose and expected outcome, expected total budget, materials, equipment or services already committed and those they are still seeking, as well as the amount of funding already raised. Nonprofits must submit evidence of nonprofit status.
That’s great! We are happy to partner with others who are already providing services to you and work in tandem to help complete your project in an efficient and cost-effective way. Please let us know in your application that else you are working with and on what aspects of your project.
With our vast connections in the architecture, engineering and construction industry, we aim to connect organizations in need with industry professionals who have the necessary resources to meet those needs. Our ability to act as your project liaison and oversee the planning, construction and completion of your project saves you time and ensures your project runs smoothly and efficiently.
We understand nonprofits do not always know where to begin! Our knowledgeable staff and Project Shepherds will help walk you through the process to ensure a successful project on time and at or under budget. As a result, your nonprofit is freed up to focus resources on where you can use it most – your mission.
No. Many times, our clients already have the funding in place but don’t know where or how to go about starting a construction project. We also can receive in-kind donations through our giving partners who have the skills and resources to help complete projects and donate their time, resources, and materials. We also partner with financial donors who provide the resources necessary for us to partner with our clients.
There is no guarantee of savings. However, our goal is to save you time and money by delivering a building project on time and at or under budget. This frees your resources up to use where your nonprofit can use it most – your mission.
ShareBuilt is not a design and construction firm. We have staff who are 40-year veterans in the construction industry and can advise on projects. We rely on our Sharing Partner contacts within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction space to perform the work.
Contracts are created individually with each Sharing Partner performing the work.
Warranties are provided individually by each Sharing Partner performing the work.
You are not contractually obligated to ShareBuilt. We do ask that each of our clients agree to our terms and conditions of being a client. This includes a media release and sharing regular updates about the ongoing progress of your project. You will enter into individual contracts with each vendor as you would with any project. Each of these will have their own set of terms and conditions in the case of cancellation or if you change your mind.
No! Please contact us if you think your project would be a good fit. Our staff can advise on next steps.
If you are considering working with ShareBuilt either as a client or a Sharing Partner, we are happy to provide a list of organizations we have previously worked with as references.

Follow the same process as a direct request by filling out the online application: Once submitted we will review the application and need and be in touch to discuss how ShareBuilt may be able to assist the person you have nominated or their organization.

How to Volunteer / Donate to ShareBuilt

It’s a simple process! Start by filling out the online application for giving partners here: Once submitted we will review your application and areas of expertise and be in touch to discuss how we can partner together.

ShareBuilt partners with individuals and organizations with expertise in the following areas: architectural design, engineering, interior design, construction services, trade services, project construction management, on-site labor, and software application. We also work with organizations who can provide financial and legal support & resources.
That’s great! We often work with experts in a specific industry and welcome all industry professionals who have a service or skill to donate to a client project.

Follow the same process as a partner request by filling out the online application here: Once submitted we will review the application and be in touch to discuss how we can partner together with the organization you have nominated.

We do not accept donations on behalf of clients, but you can contribute to ShareBuilt as we help clients further their missions by connecting our nonprofit clients to AEC firms who can help.
Yes. 100% of your gift supports our ability to help other nonprofits accomplish more for less. A gift to ShareBuilt is multiplied by all the nonprofit clients we serve.
We do not actively solicit for in-kind donations. However, if a currently ongoing project has a specific material need, we will accept donations for these materials. Please contact us if you may be interested in filling a specific material need.
If you represent an organization in the design and construction industry that could be a Sharing Partner, please contact us. If you are an individual and would like to volunteer as a Project Shepherd (owner’s rep), please let us know. If you have interest in volunteering in the ShareBuilt “back office,” we can get you connected there, too. Please reach out!

Yes! Our Founder & Executive Director Steve Kuhn regularly speaks at conferences, ministry events and corporate events about the meaningful impact ShareBuilt is having in our communities. If you would like to connect with Steve, please contact us at: