Jenny Walsh

When a house becomes a home

“Being in our new house awoke something in me that had been dormant, or I thought maybe lost forever, the joy of hosting others in my home.”

– Jenny

Jenny’s Story...

It’s been a year since we moved into our home and what a fun year of getting used to a brand-new place. The most fun was decorating for Christmas, especially the front porch!

The space for the changing table saves my back every day! I also now roll Anna in the shower chair and place it over the toilet. The proximity of it right by the shower has worked out perfectly with cleaning both Anna and the room.

The floors are magnificent. We often have spills and accidents, not to mention just daily use with the kids, and now my cleanup is so much easier. I really appreciated being able to put foam pads on Anna’s floor but then have the vinyl floors underneath to clean up regular spills from the feeding tube and/or messes.

Anna’s closet now fits a humongous stander-walker, a wheelchair and an activity chair (large high chair/wheelchair). The garage has her tricycle, stroller and walker. We roll her right in there to transfer her into the outdoor equipment. The zero entrance at the front is a game changer every single day.

This fall alone, Anna received two visits from EMS. They could fit the ambulance bed, as well as five-to-seven emergency workers and their equipment, as they cared for Anna in her room.

I also use that pocket door room for the girls studying and Anna’s safety while I’m cooking. It is quite the busy room! And finally, the girls love their renovated bedrooms. They love having friends over and we love showing people what God did. I still feel like my room is brand new and really like a dream. I moved my office stuff downstairs so that my mind can truly rest when in my room.

I had my first Christmas party in over ten years a couple of weeks ago. Women from all walks of life attended. It awoke something in me that had been dormant, or I thought maybe lost forever – the joy of hosting others in my home. It was a magical night.

Today I am adjusting to Anna as she hits weight thresholds. I noticed this Christmas that I am having trouble lifting her. Her orthopedist says I need a ceiling track lift to help me transfer Anna from her bed to the bathroom. And I need a car with modifications for a wheelchair since her new one will arrive in March.

So, the changes continue, but we are happy and I wanted to tell you so.